Current Courses

  • 11.236(Fall)/11.237(Spring): The Theory and Practice of Participatory Action Research (PAR)
  • 11.601: Introduction to Environmental Policy & Planning
  • 11.255: Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in the Public Sector
  • 11.364:  International Environmental Negotiation
  • 11.382:  Water Diplomacy
  • 11.384(Fall)/11.385(IAP)/11.386(Spring)   Malaysia Sustainable Cities Practicum

Recent Practice

Recent Publications

  1. Good For You, Great For Me: Finding the Trading Zone and Winning at Win-Win Negotiation (Public Affairs), 2014
  2. Environmental Diplomacy (new edition) with Saleem Ali (Oxford University Press), 2015
  3. Water Diplomacy: A Negotiated Approach to Managing Complex Water Networks with Shafiqul Islam (Resources for the Future), 2012
  4. Built to Win: Creating a World Class Negotiating Organization
    with Hal Movius (Harvard Business Press), 2009
  5. Multiparty Negotiation with Larry Crump – four volume set (Sage), 2010
  6. The Cure for Our Broken Political Process: How We Can Get Our
    Politicians to Stop Fighting and Start Resolving the Issues that Truly Matter with Sol Erdman (Potomac Press), 2005

Current Research

  1. Addressing the land and sovereignty claims of indigenous peoples—especially Bedouins in Israel, First Nations in Canada, Mindinaouans in the Philippines, Navajo in the United States and Mapuche in Chile
  2. Building consensus on local, state and national adaptive responses to the risks posed by climate change
  3. Strategies for encouraging greater reliance on renewable energy—particularly off-shore wind energy
  4. Water diplomacy